Rapid Response for Immigrant Rights

The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network has started a hotline to report ICE immigration activity. If you see a raid happening in your neighborhood (or notice a lot of official-looking men sitting in unmarked cars), you can call 1-844-RAID-REP (1-844-724-3737) or text 253-201-2833. Trained volunteers will be sent out to make sure that the detainees receive support and advocacy.

The Network is a coalition of Labor, Faith, Immigrant and Refugee Rights organizations, and individuals who strive to protect, serve and strengthen communities across the state by providing support, capacity and resources to build power and a united voice in Washington.

You can download the flyer to share with your neighbors. For the flyer in English, click here. For the flyer in Spanish, click here.

Author: skcnacblog

The South King County Neighborhood Action Coalition, allied with the Greater Seattle NAC, actively strives for social and political change in South King County, especially for those in our community who are vulnerable or threatened. We welcome diverse perspectives and encourage collaboration on issues and goals of mutual interest to bring about a more inclusive, just and equitable society through direct action.

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